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Welcome to Western Province Firearms Training School

At Western Province Firearms Training School, we provide a myriad of training courses to either individuals or groups.

From a complete personal protection curriculum for civilians to an in-depth training and competency solution for the security industries, police units and military forces. With a variety of courses, ranging from basic introductions to advanced tactical applications.

Hands-on training with our experienced staff will begin in the classroom, proceed with training scenarios, and conclude with live-fire exercises. Our training courses are designed to teach practical down-to-earth techniques, train hands-on skill, and equip students with the physical and mental preparation to handle threatening situations.

All our courses offer internationally recognised firearms competency training certificates.
Training provided at private training and shooting facilities in the Cape Town CBD, Cape Gate, Stellenbosch and the large open range facilities at Atlantis.

Contact us if you have any queries or would like to book.